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Talk to araishaa - Karmic Astrology and Chinese Astrology in Athis-Mons now. 20-25 years of experience in Chinese Astrology. my psychic abilities were passed down from my mother and my mothers father. ji started at the age of 10 i ended up working as a professional psychic from the age 15...i meditate every day to keep a calm mind and soul. I find it to be an important part in my psychic gift, making it even more integral to be more receptive to new ideas, like being forbearing to those around me in need. ★ GUIDELINES ★ Please take a moment to read through my few simple guidelines while we're in free chat! *I am not god I cant make the future for you I could only tell you what see • No demos or sample readings • Please do not mock or insult my abilities. •Oranum doesn't allow psychics and members to share personal information such as: phone numbers, emails, IM screen-names, Facebook profiles, etc. • Please be polite to me, and the rest of the members while in free chat. My name is Araisha, and on Oranum I'm known as "Araishaa" and I have a natural gift that I want to share with you. When I talk with you I will give you color,time frames, descriptions and exact information. I have helped people all over the world and have even worked with celebrities in other countries and politicians, major and minor league sports players,Latin Grammy Nominees. I help guide you along your path to achieve happiness. I tell you how to correct some of the troubles in your way. * I will also give you techniques to work on yourself to attract what you want (not magic)just soul healing *No personal matters must be spoken in private chat only i will not air out your dirty laundry sa you would say CALM DOWN! We cant have anything we want in life I PROVIDE SERVICES IN FOLLOWING ISSUES Love Marriage Relationship Matters of the Heart, Soulmates and Twin Flames Break ups, Clears Illnesses- Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Divorce,Reunion Home and Family, Mind and Body, Gay/Lesbian I deal with Love, Faithfulness, Relationships & Marriage,work,money..everything in general.. I give you facts. Not just what you want to happen. Also be aware that if you cannot handle the truth dont ask for it. I WILL GUIDE YOU TOWARDS HAVING EXACT ANSWER Sorry, no e-mail readings... Please leave a written comment. They're always appreciated after a reading to help others know of your experience with me. MEMBER SAID ABOUT ME....... MEMBER FEEDBACKS 5 stars all the way! Araishaa is outstanding! She is the real deal. She knew things about me that only a real psychic could have known. I am so impressed. I give her the highest recommendation possible. Asothpeace, Woodbridge Viriginia When araishaa says it gonna happen it sure does. Contact when she has said, things happening like she said. I've seen a lot of psychics but no one has ever been as clear and spot on with detail and time frames as her no time frame has come true except hers. She explains everything and gives great advice. She has never asked me for details she just knows it, even the skin colour and descriptions. I trust her 100% as what she said so far has come true as she said. wishingsmi, england Accurate, everything she said the last couple of months has come true everything amazing! smiley2011, Manchester She was amazing! So specific details like hair color, stature...amazing! Palomina, Puerto Rico Great. Thanks so much, Araisha. Lovely reading, confirmations of my thoughts and future developments. Will be back. poquette, dakar Excellent reader, is truly gifted. no games. very accurate. loved her, will be back! mini1214, usa Told me what I needed to know Great reading. Very detailed and accurate on my career! yvettepandora, .... Wonderful accurate readings. But most of all, eases the fear and the insecurity. mikkle, venice She's wonderful! She's very honest and you don't even have to say much. She can read very well! itsuramo, C Very nice and fantastic lady. Didn't have to tell anything and she knew so much. Thanks so much. Enjoyed every second. It's so worth it. Thanks. kemofos2, bham Bless you, you will go to the top on this site. sunshine678, hemp Very good reader - thank you for the help! I will come back and let you know how I get on. clairejane33, England This lady is good, she's on the money.... Take her, she's honest and realistic ... Love her style! xx katzhous8, aussie She is an excellent reader. She surprised the heck out of me. She was even able to tell down to the skin color of the people. Incredible!!!!! miami0203, miami,fl Very good and professional OLAMOTIL, ca Every good at what she does. dellamalee, jacksonville

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