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Private chat with TaylorBlack - Angel Card Reading and Chinese Astrology in Athis-Mons online. 10-15 years of practice in Chinese Astrology. I am a natural clairvoyant psychic with an ability to read the following - I can read a person's character, personality, past,present and future, and love compatibility with predictions - I can read a person's photograph and tell their personality, past present and future, and love compatibility with predictions - I can read love future predictions between people Aside from clairvoyant gift, I also use angel card readings to receive messages from the angels, inconjunction with my clairvoyant skills, to help enhance the messages and readings. The angel cards work well together with my intuition in providing a holistic professional reading for clients. Lastly, I also provide service on the ancient Chinese methodology called Fengshui which encompasses the use of chinese Astrology to read love compatibility, future predictions, yearly predictions, finances, health readings and many more based on the Chinese ancient astral charts. I am committed to helping individuals attain not only their goals, but in finding solutions that better enhance their lives. I believe that people with gifts are placed by God amongst humans to help one another, guide one another and most importantly, serve one another in reaching a higher place. The most important and passionate aspect for me would be inculcating my values as a Christian into these readings and guiding people to look toward THE ONE, THE CREATOR. Remember, no one person can be 100% accurate. That gift of perfection belongs to only one being called God. He has a perfect plan and destiny for every one of us that was crafted even before we were born into this world. One should not seek to turn to spells, spirits or necromancy, as suggested in the Holy Bible, to alter the course of your destiny and risk losing your soul. The Bible urges us to remember "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his soul?" There is nothing on this earth that is worth sacrificing our soul and eternal life with God for. Let nature take its course, let God's plan unravel itself for you. My job, as God's messenger, is to provide spiritual guidance from Him and to help you find that path in life. Allow me to give you the much needed clarity using God's word and wisdom to help you. Things I will NOT DO : 1. LIES. It has always been my personal value that I do not lie to someone just so that they can be happy and keep coming back for more readings. I would rather you hate me for telling you the truth and have a better life, than to lie and make you happy for a moment. So, please do not look for me if you are not ready for the truth, because it will be direct, honest and straight. 2. I will not connect with the dead or spirits from the spiritual realm. It is important to remember that it is not within ourselves to seek answers from the dead or spirits, it can tamper and affect your soul and your destiny. Always seek answers from the light, from God himself. 3. Waste your time. I do not seek to drag and waste your time in private. Your time is precious, and so is my energy. I tell you things as I see them, certain things may not make sense to you at the moment, but do understand that if we are looking to the future, then the sky is the limit. I wish everyone the best in finding their clarity and answers. However, always remember, there is no one psychic on earth that will be 100% accurate or spot on. We too are but humans.

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